US ObstaclePack

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The US ObstaclePack is a collection of nearly 80,000 obstacles and obstructions throughout North America. It depicts all natural and man-made objects that pose a hazard to safe enflight navigation. Like the IFR DataPack, the ObstaclePack is tightly integrated with our free moving map application, the Digital Aviator.

The US ObstaclePack is derived from the Aviation Safety Database (ASDB), part of the Position Integrity Geospatial Database Framework (GDF), an enviornment for the collection and maintenance of global datasets that aid in navigation. Although the ASDB contains more than 300,000 obstacles and obstructions throughout the world, most of the international elements are aviailable only to military organizations and qualified defense contractors. Position Integrity is, however, currently participating on several working groups within the defense community to help promote the release of worldwide obstacle datasets.

OEM Licensing
Although the US ObstaclePack is specifically formatted to work in conjunction with the Digital Aviator, the underlying data are available for license by avionics manufacturers, software vendors, and/or system integrators. Position Integrity offers flexible tailored data services and can deliver data in virtually any format. We are already providing data to several key avionics manufactures and software vendors.

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