NASA Chooses PI for Multi-Function Aviation Display

NASA Chooses Position Integrity for Multi-Function Aviation Display

March 31, 2003


The NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC), working to develop wireless mobile broadband network infrastructures for aviation services delivery, has selected Position Integrity to implement a platform independent software multi-function display (MFD) for testing and demonstration.  The program is led by Chicago-based Infinite Global Infrastructures, LLC (privately held) and includes other aerospace and communications giants such as Boeing (NYSE:BA), Verizon Airfone (NYSE:VZ), and Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO).  Final requirements of the MFD are still pending at this time, but will call for features that enable visual representation of a variety of digital map data sources with dynamic overlays for real time weather, air traffic, and GPS data.  All data displayed by the MFD will be transmitted across the wireless infrastructure using industry standards such as UDP, TCP, IP, and IPv6.


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