April 28, 1998

Bill Gates Honors Position Integrity in Windows World Open

April 28, 1998


Bill Gates, chairman and chief executive officer of Microsoft Corp. today presented the trophy to the Position Integrity team for winning Windows World Open in the government category.  The application for the Navy E-2C Hawkeye cockpit display software competed against over 100 applications from 14 different countries to take the top honors and trophy in today's COMDEX show in Chicago.  Aircrew awareness is dramatically improved by combining the tracking picture with a GPS-based moving map.  The judges, who were all independent IS professionals and executives, found the life-saving implications and safety-in-the-air theme of Position Integrity to have long term advantages to the industry and to aircrews.


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The Commander Airborne Early Warning Wing Pacific sponsored the application development for their fleet of aircraft and found that it provided a solution 200 times less expensive than upgrading current systems aboard the E-2C.  After flying the system in the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea on 6 aircraft in the test trials, the Navy logged mission after mission with improved productivity by the aircrews.


The application was one of the first of its kind to display raster and vector datasets simultaneously and allow multiple windows with different zooms and scale factors in a cockpit environment.  Supersonic scrolling allowed the Windows-based program to keep up even when the aircraft were flying at many times the speed of sound.


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